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Moreover, under any circumstances, have been included any material containing images or sounds minors or minors who participated in its creation. Complying with the rules specifically 18 USC ~ 2257 and 28 C.F.R. 75. Also not included images, by their nature, are derogatory to any social or ethnic group, or may reflect non-consensual violence by the participants. Also not offer images involving animals, despite being legal use today.

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PLEASE NOTE: at no time ensures the content or operation of sections and therefore disclaim all responsibility for any damages or errors that may cause and you release us from liability. Understanding that we turn exempts from liability for any damage caused by them and admitting his team have been previously reported from this end. Telling you that we are not generally the creators of the programs, or dialers and that images and other services provided are mere tips that may be incorrect or not and you can follow or not but always at risk.

This website is created under article 20.1 of the Spanish Constitution, sic "is recognized and protected rights: a) To freely express and disseminate thoughts, ideas and opinions through ... or any other means ... d) A freely communicate or receive truthful information by any media .. 2. the exercise of these rights can not be restricted by any form of censorship. "And in accordance with our rights indicate that this is not a place of free entry but it is a private area, under the protection provided by the Spanish legal system expressed in Article 18.3 CE, (privacy) and Article 33 CE (private property) and the Internet Privacy Act as reporting rules. Being restricted entry.

  1. not support unlawful acts and especially reject the hacking and illegal activities and morally despicable as child pornography or similar.
  2. All information, programs and images outlined here are intended for effective implementation of the rights enshrined in Article 31 RD / 1/1996 for approving the revised text of the Intellectual Property Law (LPI) with special reference to Article 31.2 LPI, and in accordance with what is stated in Article 100.2 of the Act. All more images, marks, abbreviations, etc. belong to their respective owners and we only make use of them as a citation and / or as an expression of today, as authorized by Articles 32 and 33 LPI
  3. reports that the layout, fonts and the exhibits designed for this web site is subject to Copyright and under Copyright, reserving by virtue all rights and prohibiting reproduction.
  4. unknown if in any case any image or content used in any section are subject to some form of copyright and therefore we ask anyone who knows the existence of prior rights that we know so in this content appears the author or, where applicable, are excluded from the website immediately.
  5. is a website dedicated to the dissemination of such erotic images themselves or sent by users freely so enjoyable and fun.
  6. We recall that we reserve the right to veto the entry to any subject to our web-site and in turn reserves the right to prohibit the use of any software, information and / or images, in accordance with the copyright granted by article 14 LPI.
  7. is not responsible for the opinions expressed in the discussion forums or the content of the links that appear on the site, in spite of which try to moderate them and be aware of potential changes on linked pages if its contents vary.
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Public exposure of our personal data on the website must be supervised by the Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data based on Article 1. Object. This Act is intended to guarantee and protect, with regard to the processing of personal data, public freedoms and fundamental rights of physical persons, and especially their honor and personal and family privacy. The main purpose of the LSSI suggests a computerized personal data processing at the level of the network in Spain to the Organic Law on Data Protection in Title IV, Chapter I defined as publicly-owned files, since it is a computerized file of personal data to the network level should also be controlled by the data protection Agency of Spain, independent body of government. Exposed points and to comply with the requirements of LSSI and without spirit of hinder the application of this law, the webmasters of this site will send your personal information to any person or entity that has a direct and lawful developing the Art 4.1 of the data protection Act. The personal data may be collected for treatment and subjected to such treatment, if they are adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the scope and specific, explicit and legitimate purposes for which they were obtained. This may apply prior exposure for webmasterplease no The webmasters of this site as well try to prevent unauthorized use of their personal data by third parties citing the Data Protection Act, and want to fulfill the obligations of the LSSI.


Finally take this opportunity to declare that the owners and employees of is a completely contrary position to any delict. In no event will support such practices nor accept or accept that our place is used as a platform for the wrongdoing of any nature and denote our interest and desire to comply strictly with the laws of our country and imposed from the international legal order.




While, in principle, the duration of this official site is undetermined, has the right to suspend or terminate the provision of some or all of its services, although this decision should be communicated in advance to the users.

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